20 Hidden Charges In Saving Bank Account

Due to new technology banking has made life very convenient but the bank keeps charging many hidden charges, which comes at an additional cost.

Below is a list of charges you may not be aware of the hidden charges in saving bank account.

In this article , we understanding the hidden charges saving bank account applying unfortunately on their bank account holders.

What is Bank

A bank is a system designed to keep Our money safe place.

With the help of we can deposit money in the bank, withdraw money, borrow money from the bank or exchange money.

We can also take out a loan by taking a mortgage.

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Types of bank accounts

  • Saving Account
  • Current Account
  • Recurring Deposit Account
  • Fixes Deposit Account
  • Demat Account
  • NRI Account

Hidden Charges in saving bank account

Charges in saving Bank account
Charges in saving bank account

Non-Maintenance of Monthly/Quarterly Average Balance

Almost all banks take charges on maintaining average balance in monthly/quarterly term’s.

If you do not deposit a certain amount every month, banks can charges minimum balance Rs 200 to Rs 500 per month.

Many banks offer zero balance saving account to their account holders.

Example. Kotak 811 Saving Bank Account

Bank Branch Visit

ATM and NetBanking, Increased use of this has made banking easier.

Going to the bank and standing in line to withdraw money is a very tedious task.

Also bank employees get bored while offline withdraw transaction working.

Therefore, banks charge between Rs 50 and Rs 200 for branch transactions.

These charges may vary depending on the type of transaction (cash vs non-cash) and the savings account .

Money Transfer Charges

Online money transfer is a lot of convince and is widely used individual or merchant payment.

But this is not free some cases.

If you use RTGS money transfer system or NEFT money transfer system to funds from one bank account to other bank account.

Bank charge some tax Rs 5 to Rs 25 for each transaction.

  • UPI transaction is fully free of tax.
  • Net banking Service take charges Rs.9 per transaction.

Debit Card Annually Charges

The annual charges in saving bank account of debit card variable on various saving bank account from Rs 100 to 500 depending on the card.

Banks charges in case you request add on cards for family members as well as replacement of existing debit cards.

Some Debit card used in globally, like a Visa MasterCard.

ATM Transaction Fee

According to new RBI rules banks are allowed to charge customers for more than 5 usages of ATMs in a month.

The charges you have to pay upto Rs.20 depending on the type of transaction.

Notification Alert Via Email or SMS

Every Banks applied charges around Rs.15 per monthly for SMS alerts.

This facility given as an essentially security features but banks made money making system.

Bank Statements

Now in 2021, Each and every bank sends bank statements an e-mail to its customers every month.

And if a physical copy is required, the bank charges a fee.

There are different types of bank charges.

Normally charges they Rs 50 to Rs 100.

Cheques Bounce back fee

Everyone banks charge the cheque bounce back fee

Sometimes the charge is applied on sender money or beneficiary that means one person issued the cheque and another person who had received the cheque as beneficiary at that time if cheque bounced.Both of them have to pay fines.

You have to pay charges upto Rs.100 to Rs 500.

Stop Payment Request fee

If you requested stop payment to the bank not pay the cheque is already issued, the banks gives charge upto Rs.100.

HDFC Bank charges Rs 50 for a single check and Rs100 for a series of cheque.

Standing Instructions Fee

Standing instructions for paying regular monthly bills are a good thing.

But some banks charges one-time fee for setting up standing instructions and a recurring fee for processing each time.

SBI charges one-time fee of Rs 50 for standing instruction setup.

Failed Standing Notice can refund you Rs.225

Reset Password

If You forgot your ATM card and PIN number of Net banking Password, be ready to shell out some fee to the bank to reset these.

For emergency instantly change your pin HDFC bank charges Rs.50 as tax.

Debit Card decline due to insufficient funds

If you swipe your debit card and there was insufficient funds in the account, banks would charge you for that case.

Redeem Rewards Point

The Most banks offer rewards points for their customers who using their Net banking or Debit cards facility.

This is a way to increase conversation and engage with customer and keep them spending through their cards.

But when you try to achieve redeem earned reward points you may be charged.


Such a many times customers required to verify banks to attest their photos, signature or current address.

Bank charges upto Rs.150

Get Certificate

If you deposit a some money as like Rs10,000 for 1 year.

And you want to give a balance certificate as well as Interest certificate.

Banks charge in which Rs 100-500 to issue balance certificate.

And interest certificate first copy is free but for additional copy you may be charged upto Rs.250

Charges in saving bank account closure

The Many banks charges in saving bank account closure fee in case you close your account too soon.

Debit by transfer account

If you Want to transfer your bank account from one branch to another branch, you have to pay transferring bank account fee.

If Returned Courier due to wrong address

If you order some bank product like a ATM card mean debit or credit card.

if the card came returned to bank branch due to unreachable address.

in this situation you have to pay some charge.

International Usage of Debit Card

If you use debit card to withdraw some money at foreign countries, in case bank definitely give charges.

Charges upto of 3.5% on foreign currency transactions on Debit Cards.

Charges On credit card

  • Maintance charges
  • Cash advance charges
  • late payment charges
  • Exceeding limit charges
  • GST
  • Foreign transaction

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Bulk Charges in Indian Bank


We see in this article there a lot of charges in savings bank account.

These bank charges rate growing every day.banks focus more revenues from interest income with the help of charges term.

RBI new rule is mandated all banks to display their charges on their official website. 

You can visit the bank official website which is know the actual update charges.

We hope you understand the all hidden charges of bank saving account.

If you have any questions related to charges in saving bank account ,yo can ask in comments section.

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