5 best tips you can be a stock market genius

Friends, do you know why only 10% of the people who invest in the stock market are in profit? And the remaining 90% of investors are always in loss.

It is a little difficult to answer what is the reason for this.Because everyone has different experiences in this place.

When you invest, there are companies and organizations with big capital as competitors in front of you.

These companies and organizations are also investing their money in the stock market to grow their business.

At the same time, some students are studying finance.Many expert investors in the stock market are building their empire in work with stock market.

Thinking of many such things, how can a new investor make a profit?

Low education and experience in the stock market is the main reason losses in the stock market.

At the same time a new investor is unable to stick to his decision.

you can be a stock market genius
you can be a stock market genius

Author Joel Greenblatt has done a great job answering some of these questions.
We can also become an expert investor in the stock market by using a lot of such information presented in this book.

How to make Money in Stock Market?

Mulitiple stocks leads to minimise risk😊

It is said that saving money means making money.So don’t waste your money when you don’t need it.

Do not put all the eggs in one basket.

According to a study by some experts if you buy two stocks instead of one you will eliminate 46% non mark risk.

Like this you eliminate risk by buying two stocks instead.

Number of stocks to buyEliminate risk
Stocks vs risk eliminate ratio Chart

But it costs a lot of money.And not so much money a new investor can put in risk.

In contrast, your competitors are companies or institutions with large capital and old expert in stock market investors He has crores of rupees to invest in the stock market.

Therefore, you should try to keep your capital safe in the market.

You can be a stock market genius

The authors have told us in very simple language how we can become a smart investor.

5 things to know before the stock market open see in next article.

Good read for great knowledge😊

To best and lucrative opportunity to invest is find on special corporation situation.


When a any one company separate own subdivision and it’s make a independent company is called as spinoff.

In this way, companies make their own project look like a company.

This can be a good investment in formation a new company.Here are some of the reasons for this.

Since, year 1963 to 1988 spinoff beats a S&P 500 by 10% per year.

Why it is lucrative opportunity

  • Institution don’t want to them
  • No analysts coverage
  • Increase incentive

These reasons make this a lubricant opportunity to us.

When everyone buys shares, you buy them.You should definitely do reasearch for this.

Merger security

When a big company acquire a small company and operated by same directors.this action we called company merger.

When the company is together, the company offers its loan in three ways.

When a big company buys a small company.She has to pay for some of the previous transactions.

This money the company pays in stocks, cash, and bonds.

Here you can study the fundamentals of the company and make the investment successful.

Risk Arbitrage

Saving money is earning money.

It is said that saving money means earning money his sentence has a very nice meaning here.

Let us see an example for this.

Suppose there is a small company.Eventually, a large company hired her Or announced a purchase.

This time the company was trading at 20$.You bought that stock at this price.You decided when you bought the stock, now I will sell it when the stock is goes 30$.

But if its price goes from 20$ to 10$ instead of increasing.At such times you may be at a loss.

Therefore, when investing in such a situation, you should only look at your risk reward ratio and then investing.


Restructuring referred to when a company decide to shut of its division.

Let us understand this type by taking an example.

Company A launched its three subdivisions.Suppose its new ones names are X, Y and Z respectively.

X and y will be working properly in this.However, the A company decided to close its sub-division Z due to poor functioning.

At such times their stock may have been purchased Recover your amount.

How to act in situation?

If such a situation arises in front of you then You should follow the path below.

  • Do Your Homework – If information about any stock company is spread through news or any other way, you should immediately start studying it.A thorough study of the stock should be done.Some decision should be taken only after analyzing everything in it.
  • Don’t trust anyone – It is wrong to invest in stocks based on information from news channels or social media.Because the money is yours, you have to use it properly.So don’t fall prey to any rumors and invest in stocks.
  • Insides – The inside of the company consists of promoters, directors, ceo, department head, promoters group.Pay attention to market movements.Because as much information as they have about a company No one has that much.

With all this in mind You should make the investment successful.

Important FAQ

How do I get historical data from stocks yahoo?

First go to stocks yahoo official website.
Then enter quote to search Field.
select quotes in search results.
choose time period, data to show and frequency.
Click apply.
to use data offline select download.

How to find local stocks?

In india you can find a stocks real time data on NSE & BSE major stock exchange in india.
Also you can find data on Investing.com
You can search here Nifty 50, BSE, NSDQ, NAZDAQ, NASAQ such as all country major stock exchange.

Why did so many people invest in the stock market in the 1920s?

This was the time to make money, because at that time Harshad Mehta had boosted the Indian stock market.

What is stock market power hour?

Power Hour stock market is gently defined as the last part of a trading day.

I hope you like 5 best tips you can be a stock market genius.if you have any questions or doubt you can asked in comments section.

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