Bernard Cammarata Interesting journey

By | January 6, 2023

Dear friends! Bernard Cammarata We know him as Ben. TJS Company founders Establishment of such a huge company. He has been working as an exucative advice since 11 June 2015.

TJX is an American multinational discount departmental corporation store. Bernad Cammarata is a main founder of Zayre corporation which is belong retail industry.

Bernard can maratha

The Headquarters in Framingham, Massachusetts United States. TJX groups formly four division like a Home goods, Marmaxx, TJX Canada, TJX international.

TJX groups have 4,557 discount store in nine countries. TJX groups ranked No.85 in Fortune 500 list of the largest United States corporations according to total revenue.

Bernard cammarata personal life

Bernard cammarata known as ben.he is a producer by profession. bernard cammarta born in 1940. Bernard cammarta age is 81 years old.

Bernard Cammarta wife name is Carol M. Meyrowitz. In 2014, she awarded as the 12th most powerful woman in the world according to Fortune magazine as well as in 2015 listed as the 76th most powerful woman in the world according Forbes magazine.

Ms.Ben Carol M. Meyrowitz is the Executive Chairman of the Board and the Chairman of the Executive Committee of TJX Companies who is leading discount retailer in the United States as well as over nine countries.

Bernard cammarta networth

Bennard Cammartha is known for the producer as well as the TJX group founder.

The TJX Company networth is explained in the table below.

RevenueUS$38.937 billion (2018)
Operating IncomeUS$4.17 billion (2018)
Net Income US$3.06 billion (2018)
Total AssestUS$14.326 billion (2018)
Total EquityUS$5.05 billion (2018)

TJX Group Information in English

Deliver great value to customers in every time.


This is a motto of TJX group industry.

They offer a fastly changing assortment of high quality product, fashionable design, world famous brand name and affordable designer merchandise, this types of amazing values.

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TJX groups features

  1. Provide real brand product, real saving money it’s really 😊
  2. Operation of TJX store for amazing savings
  3. No one way what you buy
  4. Not twice the same choice
  5. Smart shoppers for smart customers

TJX Group For Investor’s

TJX companies listed on stock exchange in NYSE (New York Stock Exchange).

TJX is a symbol in stock exchange in 28 July 1989 he listed on NYSE at 0.059 USD.

Now a days company growth day by day reached on stock price at 68.18 USD dated on 23 July 2021.

8.23 TUSD is a market capital of Bernard cammarta in 2021.

Bernard Cammerata share price (TJX stock) indicate the Marshalls Stock price as well as homegoods stock price.

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