Best 5 money transfer services

If you are a professional, you know how to do exchange in a foreign country.

To make it more convenient to send money abroad, I am here for you today Best 5 Money Transfer Services In 2021.

Money Transfer Services

Globally, the business is growing day by day.As a result, the exchange of currency has started to increase on a large scale.

Based on this many new companies were formed.

These companies offer you a platform to send money.

Which is follow the Government Act. Which means you can believe that money transfer company.

Best 5 Money Transfer Services In 2021.
Best 5 Money Transfer Services In 2021.

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ProviderExchange RateTransfer Day
XE0.5 – 2%1-4 Day
Wise0.5%3-5 Day
WorldRemit1 – 1.5%1-3 Day
OFX1.5%1-5 Day
Payoneer0.5 – 2%2-3 Day

Best 5 Money Transfer Services In 2021


XE is a online foreign exchange company in Canada.This company is popular brand for online currency converter application.

This application offered Exchange rate details, international money transfer services as well as other currency related queries through it’s official website and mobile application.

This company is subsidiaries to Euronet worldwide.

Company offers the service international money transfers to abroad 170 countries, with their most popular country Canada as well as United States and New Zealand. 

XE Money Transfer Features

  • Trusted Company image in marketplace
  • It’s offered to make transaction in abroad 170 countries with the various 60 currency.
  • No transfer fees changed
  • 24/7 Account management facility

Bad Point’s

  • Support card payment not accept
  • Currency exchange rate markup can be higher comparable other currency exchange providers.

How to do send money through XE ?

First you have to sign up account to XE.
You should submit your name, home address, contact number and occupation.

Once the account is verified, you can transfer money using XE , amount to be transferred, the currency you want to send as per provided recipient’s details. 

Note : One thing to be attention, XE only supports payments through online banking and over the phone banking.


Wise money transfer company is starting in 2011.It is formally known for financial technology company.

Wise company headquarters in London.

Wise Money transfer service company features

  • Transparent fees and exchange rate margins stability
  • Well-trusted company and known for popular transfer
  • Offered guaranteed rates for 1-2 Days
  • Fast transfer available

Bad Point’s

  • Cash pickups facility not available
  • Emphasis on online transaction can make troubleshooting difficulties at sometime
  • Normal support to larger transactions

How to do money send through Wise?

First You should create account in Wise.
Some information provide to wise like as home address, phone number, email address, date of birth, bank account details or credit card information, details of the recipient and the recipient’s International Bank Account Number (IBAN).
you entered the payment information including the amount and currency, you will be able to see the fees and estimated transfer time for each payment method.
You can then make a transfer. 

Wise money transfer service takes 3-5 days to transfer your money to the recipient’s bank account.


WorldRemit was founded in 2010.

WorldRemit is mostly used international company for digital payment service.
WordRemit is offered to transfer money abroad 170 country and 70 currency.

WorldRemit features

  • Worldwide presence to over 150 countries
  • Instantly transfer speeds 90 percentages transaction transfers approved in one minutes
  • Advanced encryption system to keep money safe
  • Company support of payment debit card and credit card as well as bank transfers
  • Strong Range of delivery options including cash pick up, airtime top up, and bank transfer

Bad Points

  • Complex fee structure
  • WordRemit have higher currency exchange rate other than competitors

How do I send money through WorldRemit?

This is quick and easy need to sign up the account.
Once your account has been verified then you can transfer funds using a the payment methods.

WordRemit have take 1 to 3 days to processing the money transfer.


OFX is generally known as OzForex is a online foreign exchange company.OFX company have headquarter in sydney.

The OFX provide international money transfer service for Individual or organization entity.

OFX have following subsidiaries.

  1. CanadianForex
  2. NZForex
  3. UKForex
  4. USForex
  5. ClearFx

Features of OFX

  • OFX have Competitive exchange rates
  • Company have strong Wide banking network as well as physical company official offices abroad the world to helps cheap and fast transaction of funds
  • Mobile application and web services is user friendly
  • Excellent customer supporting

Bad Point

  • You have at least transfer amount of $1,000
  • Credit cards not acceptable this transaction
  • Limitations for one-day transfers

How do I send money through OFX?

You have follow two simple steps to make transaction with OFX :
Sign Up account with OFX , you should submit documents such as your driving license, visa passport, or monthly utility bill. Once you sign up, you can transaction on the mobile phone or web online platform. 

OFX money transfer to take generally 1 to 5 days to be completed transaction.


Payoneer is american company which is provide to finance service like a money transfer and digital payment services.

Payoneer is founded in 2005.payoneer have a broad banking network.

  1. Southeast Asia
  2. Philippines
  3. Japan
  4. Korea
  5. Britain
  6. Pakistan
  7. China
  8. India
  9. Ukraine
  10. Dubai
  11. French

Payoneer Features

  • Payoneer have wide network in abroad 200 countries
  • Free payments facility between Payoneer accounts
  • Company provides custom invoice and enables you to request payment from clients

Bad Points

  • Complexion of fee structure
  • Card payments can be expensive

How do I send money through Payoneer?

First of You have to sign up to Payoneer account on their website.
You should submit to document visa passports as well as driving license.
Payoneer verified identity in maximum 2 days.
Once your account information is verified by company you can start sending money to other.

Payoneer take time maximum 2-3 days for bank transfer.

This is a Top 5 Best Popular Money Transfer Services In 2021 to mostly used in worldwide.

Frequently asked questions

Can I Sending Money to Switzerland with this apps?

You can sending money to Switzerland by using Wise or any others.
You can mutual transfers using these apps.

Is western union open 24 hours?

Western Union opens Online money transfers around the world from can axis

Time difference between india and USA

India is 9 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Washington, DC, USA

Does MoneyGram work in India?

Using MoneyGram money transfer application you can only receive money in India.

What is MoneyGram exchange rate india ?

74.4375 INR

The top 5 major currencies of the world are

Unit (Doller) Conversion (INR)
100 US Dollar (USD)7426 INR
100 Euro (EUR)8822 INR
100 Japanese Yen (JPY)68 INR
100 Great British Pound (GBP)10329 INR
100 Australian Dollar (AUD)5484 INR
Best 5 Money Transfer Services In 2021.

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