Best reddit personal finance threads for beginners

By | February 18, 2023

Best reddit personal finance threads for beginners – We are all familiar with reddit social media. Reddit was founded in 2005 and is known for its social and news coverage.

This website has communities of information that are published on social media and is very useful. There are also groups to discuss various topics like personal finance quizlet.

Today we are going to take a look at one of them. We believe that you should follow it. This important factor is – the best personal finance community on reddit.

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Best reddit personal finance threads for beginners

Best reddit personal finance threads for beginners
Topicr/personal finance thread

There is a lot to learn in this community. we sincerely believe that you should follow this community to get advice on investment money.

If you are looking for advice and financial knowledge, investments and other financial groups then in this article I am going to suggest you some selected sub-reddit.

What is sub-reddit ?

sub-reddit is just like a chatroom. It can also be called a social networking site, there are communities where various topics are discussed by many experts.

For this you have to create a reddit account, which is completely free. After creating an account, each user can join the current chat or start a new thread.

The generated thread is represented by r /sub-reddit. For example. Suppose you create one finance thread then it is presented as r/Personal finance.

#1 r/Personal finance

Started on9 February 2009
Members14.7 Millions
SubjectAll personal finance topic covered

r/Personal finance threads features

  • r/Personal finance is the largest finance community.
  • It’s covered a topic hub including financial stability, budget, savings, debt, credit, investment, taxes, retirement planning ,etc.
  • this sub-reddit have a own wiki page.
  • Personal Capital

There is always a discussion on the topic of your interest.This will definitely attract you.

#2 r/Passive income

Start date3 October 2012
TopicsPassive Income Ideas Covered

If you want to make passive income online then this is sub-reddit especially for you.

  • To get financially independent through passive income
  • Investment strategies
  • For online business Idea
  • To acquire skills online

It is easy to make money online in the help of internet.

#3 r/Poverty finance

Start date 28 March 2018
Disscuss topic Personal finance related all topics
  • Emergency food resources by the state
  • Beneficiary programs by country
  • Food banks
  • Low cost health care
  • Mental health
  • Legal Services
  • Creating Your Technology Tree (Maslow’s Required Category)

Following topics discussed in r/Poverty finance threads…

  • Budget websites and templates
  • Credit building
  • Debt
  • Financial literacy
  • Tax

#4 r/financial independence

Created on 10 November 2011
DisscusAbout early retirement and investment

If you want to retire before retiring in the traditional way, then this sub-reddit is for you.

  • About investing
  • And strategies for retiring at an early age.
  • Inspirational Stories

#5 r/Financial planning

Generate20 April 2009
Topicsgeneral finance problem and tips

Ask questions about personal finances, budgets, income, retirement plans, insurance, investments, and frugality.

  • Include even general and planning
  • thrift
  • personal finances and more.

#6 r/tax

Start date 14 march 2009
TopicsTax news and updates

You should join this threads to awareness about tax law and take tax planning.

#7 r/Credit Card

Started on 14 September 2008
Members 461K
Topicsdisscus about credit card
  • Information about best rewards on credit card
  • Increase credit card score
  • Credit card use tips and track
  • biggest bonus

#8 r/StudentLoan

Start date 19 April 2010
Topics Disscussion about educational loan and offers

Reddit’s Center for Advice, Articles and General Discussion on Student loan & repayment.

  • Student loan government scheme.
  • Learn and earn plans.
  • Financial help for student higher education.

#9 r/real estate investing

started on 4 October 2008
topicsreal estate investing and gain money
  • Sharing thoughts and experiences
  • advice and encouraging questions
  • Structured Deals
  • Flipping / Rehubbing
  • Debt on Land
  • Commercial Real Estate and more!

If it has to do with real estate investing, this is for you!

#10 r/frugal

Started on 3 March 2008
Members 1.9M
TopicsFinding spend less and waste less way
  • Time Management
  • Money Management
  • Spending less on food

#11 r/Almost Homeless

Started on2 July 2015
Members 35.4K
Topics Preventing homeless
  • Support and advice in this group
  • Find affordable places to live
  • Preventing Homeless

#12 r/Middle class finance

Started on16 October 2019
Topicsdiscussed about middle class finance issues

Some members also share their success stories which can be very motivated.

  • middle class income
  • housing costs
  • budgeting


I hope you like the information about Best reddit personal finance threads for beginners. If you like this information, be sure to share it with your friends. Visit our blog again every day to learn something new.

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