Difference between vpf vs ppf

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If you are doing a government job or a private job, today’s article is important for you.Today, you can be a successful investor using the way I’m telling two ways first is vpf and second is ppf.

In this article today we will look at the difference between vpf vs ppf.

What is VPF and PPF ?

Difference between vpf vs ppf
Difference between vpf vs ppf

The features of vpf and ppf is mostly same, but main difference between vpf and ppf is – ppf available for self employed personal as well as unorganized sector person, but vpf is valid only for salaried individual.

PPF full form is public provident fund and VPF full form is voluntary provident fund.ppf and vpf managed by government of india for for employee save their money as a retirement plan.

You can invest in this scheme for earn interest on annual, before invest in this scheme you have to know how this scheme working.

Difference between vpf vs ppf

Any resident of india invest in vpf and ppf except NRI.ppf having 15 years investment plan and vpf having up to retirement or resignation.

In PPF Annual minimum contribution is Rs.500 and annual maximum contribution Rs.1.5 lakh.

In VPF Any amount up to 100% of the your salary.

Vpf and ppf maturity return taxation is zero, tax deduction as per section 80C.

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You can withdraw advance upto 50 percent in ppf after 6 year and vpf is partial withdrawal is permitted.

For self-employed and individualsonly meant for salaried employees
Interest offer 7.1% Interest offer 8.5%
Return Tax deduction under section 80CReturn Tax deduction under section 80C
15 Year maturity periodMaturity period Until retirement
Withdraw amount after 5 yearsYou can withdraw any time
Difference between VPF vs PPF

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Frequently asked questions

Difference between gpf vs epf

EPF is a compulsory retirement saving scheme for salaried person, in this scheme contributions made employee and employer.GPF is provident fund for government employees.

Difference between gpf vs ppf

GPF india is provident fund for government employees.PPF allowed for premature withdrawal for medical reasons or child’s education.

gpf full form

GPF means General provident fund or full form of gpf is general provident fund

what is general provident fund?

One type of PPF account for all government employees in India.

provident fund meaning and types?

Types are provident funds –
Employees Provident Fund Scheme, Employees Provident pension Scheme,
Insurance plan linked to employee deposit (ESIC) these are 3 types of pf.

maximum limit of gpf deduction?

The minimum contribution up to 6% of the salary and maximum contribution 100% of the employee’s salary.

gpf deduction under income tax act ?

All three provident funds under income tax act section 80C.

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