Financial instruments in india

Today everyone generate their financial instrument to make safe their future financially.In india many families save their money on monthly basis to be financially strong.

You can also invest your money in various financial instruments available in India.

In this post we share to you Financial instruments in india. In this article introduce new financial instruments in indian capital market.

Define financial instrument

Financial instrument is a contract between individual and company to hold monetary value.

This instrument modified by requirements the individual person.

In a simple word financial instrument is a like assets which are hold capital and trade as you wish.

Cheques, stocks and bonds, option contract is a some examples of financial instrument.

Financial instruments in india

Financial Instruments in India
Financial Instruments in India

This is a good way to use grow your can invest in direct equity.there is a no minimum duration of investment.if you are a one investor then you know the risk and profit in this field.this option is great way but having a risk hard so don’t forget this terms while you invest in equity.

IPO is a popular and demanding instrument is alternative to equity.many big investor preferred to IPO for their investment.

Direct equity alternative mutual funds is a better idea to invest for bright can invest for at least 6 month and maximum duration is funds is directly linked with stock market means when market grows up your money grow up therefore take your risk management profile then invest in mutual funds.

Is another way to get back money after 60 years this way is National pension scheme.Any investor who think their retirement planning then this is a good idea for that.This scheme is linked with market such as give you 8 to 10 percentage with your investment capital.

You can investment in long terms with PPF to get up ti 8 percentage after 15 years.

Many government servant deposit their fund in public bank.banks give you fixed interest on your principal can deposit your funds with public or regional bank.interest in different in various banks.

Senior citizen scheme is only for senior member to 5 year and get back interest upto 9 percentage with your investment principle.also senior citizen invest in pradhan mantri vay vandan yojana for 10 years to get back with 8 percent cash.

Real estate is a evergreen investment can invest in way to get back your cash up to 19 to 20 percent because real estate industry is grow faster than faster.everyone no invest in this way because before investing you have to lots of money in purchasing land.If you have to extra cash then surely invest in real estate.

Indias are loved Gold 😊 you can invest your money in gold because gold is a one of the financial instrument that newer dissatisfied and real estate is always evergreen in price is linked with market.In 2021 you can purchase the digital gold.

If you have a indian citizen then you have to best choice buy RBI bonds.tgis bonds give you return up to 9 percent.for more information please read this article How to buy RBI Bonds ?

Unit linked insurance plan is a way for that who create their wealth capital. This is a great financial instruments in india. The insurance plan protect against the upcoming financial loss.

In market having various types insurance to get full information about insurance please read our article What is insurance and types of insurance

Another way to invest in post office monthly investment scheme only for indian citizen with low risk.this scheme for 5 years and get back up to 8 percent interest.

Frequently asked question

What is financial assets meaning?

Financial assets is a non physical assets which is bank,bonds and share in companies.

What is 4 types of financial assets?

Bank deposit
Loan these are the types of financial assets.

I hope you have received some idea to invest in future.

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