Great Deals with Mutual Funds in 2021

Mutual Funds is the best way to grow money in without risk. The importance of money is increasing day by day in our life.It is important to save money by spending less and increasing the value of your savings.

Whether it’s spending money or investing, you need to think every time.

Today we are going to discuss about the mutual funds to grow money in without any risk.

So first we need to know

Mutual Funds in 2021
Mutual Funds in 2021

What Is Mutual Funds?

We take the one example to understand the concept of mutual funds.

Four friends were working in one place.After working many days, he was transferred to another city.So they had to move to a new place.

But the biggest question before them was that none of us would be known there.Then how to find a house to live there?

Then they came up with a way to get a house in a new city. The four friends went to a broker and told him how they wanted a house.

The broker found the house they wanted.

The broker charged a fee to find the house.

All in all, the four friends went to a broker to get the job they wanted, and they did their job by depositing a certain amount.

The same thing happens in the stock market. A new investor can lose his capital because he doesn’t know much about the market.

Therefore, such investors invest in mutual funds as an alternative to the stock market to increase their money without taking any risk.

Here a finance expert accumulates money in a certain stock. You have to invest from it for some time.There is no risk in making this investment.Even a secure pub is a transaction.

A mutual fund is a financial expert who can help you grow your money.

In return you have to pay some fees.

The Mutual fund store in demat fund publishing every stock broker on his trading platform.

Mutual fund observer is called fund manager.he collection the fund by individual investor and invest in stock index.

Rule No. 1- Never lose money
Rule no. 2- Never forget the first rule.

Mutual Fund Quotations By Waren Buffet

Which is the types of mutual Funds ?

Now a days ,Mutual funds the popular subject for a new investor for investment.You should know the types of the mutual funds for investment.

There are some basic types of mutual funds.

The popular mutual funds list in india is given below.

  1. Equity Funds
  2. Debit Funds
  3. Money Market Funds
  4. Index Funds
  5. Balanced Funds
  6. Income Funds
  7. Fund of Funds
  8. Specialty Funds

Mutual Funds Advantage

There are many reasons to choose investor mutual funds for investment.Mutual Fund liquidity ratio defined a fund holding.

  1. Advance Portfolio management
  2. Divident reinvestment
  3. Safety (risk reduction)
  4. Convenience and minimum pricing

Mutual fund disadvantage

However, mutual fund have a some disadvantage for being investor.

  1. High Expensive ration and sales charge
  2. Management abuse
  3. Tax inefficient
  4. Poor trade execution

5 Ways to calculate risk in Mutual Fund

  1. Alpha
  2. Beta
  3. Squared
  4. Standard deviation
  5. Sharpe ratio

This is a 5 ways to calculate risk in mutual fund but normally most investors used mutual fund beta as well as alpha & Sharpe ratio to calculate risk.

Best Mutual Fund 2015 with their fund manager

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Sohini AndaniSBI Mutual Fund
Kenneth AndradeIDFC Mutual Fund
Harshad PatwardhanJP Morgan Mutual Fund
Shailesh RajbhanReliance Mutual Fund
Anoop BhaskarUTT Mutual Fund
Jayesh ShroffSBI Mutual Fund
R ShrinivasanSBI Mutual Fund
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