How to fill state bank of india dd form ?

By | January 16, 2023

State bank of india dd form use individual to make payment from one bank to another bank.The money is credited to the account of the person in whose name the dd is made.

If you have more than Rs 50,000, you have to show your PAN card.If you have less money than this, just show your ID card.

It is valid for 3 months from the date of filling up of dd form.

From this article you can learn how to fill sbi dd form ?

Download State bank of india dd form

You can download state bank dd form by given link below.

Download >> sbi dd form pdf/sbi challan form pdf

You have to fill up depositors and bank copy with carefully.

Demand draft format sample

state bank of india dd form

How to fill state bank of india dd form ?

How to fill state bank of india dd form 2021

Demand draft procedure step by step

  • SBI branch name – Enter your bank branch name
  • Name and address of depositor – Enter your name and current address with area pin code
  • Father/Husband name – Enter one of details
  • A/C number – Enter your account number
  • Details of cash deposit – enter mode of cash
  • Cheque/Demand draft and Date – Enter cheque or demand draft number and current date
  • Bank / Branch on Which Drawn – Enter the Beneficiary name or bank account number
  • Depositor signature – Your signature

Frequently asked questions

What is dd charges in sbi ?

1.Upto 5000Rs – 25 Rs
2.Between 5000 to 10,000Rs – 50Rs.
3.Between 10,000 to 1 Lakh – Rs.5 per 1000 or 60Rs.
4.Above 1 lakh – 4Rs per 1000 or minimum 600Rs and maximum 2000Rs.

dd full name

dd full name is demand draft

Can I make draft will?

Yes, it is your choice to make draft will.

How to make dd online?

1. Login your sbi netbanking account with username and password.
2. Select payment/transfer option.
3. choose demand draft option.
4. They will ask you profile password, enter your profile password.
5. Fill up the form like mentioned above procedure.
6. Then select delivery mode a) Collect by person b) delivery
7. If you select delivery option then bank take charge 51Rs. And first option is free of cost.
8. Last you have to click on submit button.

How to deposit demand draft in bank?

You can deposit demand draft by visiting your bank.
Bank cashier asked you some documents for identify verification process.
Once you have verified your identity then bank cashier deposit cash in you’re account.

How to take dd in sbi?

1. You can take dd in sbi through visiting nearest SBI Branch.
2. You can also download SBI dd through online.
If you want to download dd form pdf online, i have given download link above.

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