How to get cif number of central bank of india ?

By | January 16, 2023

Central bank of india is a indian public sector bank in india. CBI is a one of the oldest and largest commercial bank in India.

Central bank provide a good facility like another bank.when you open the account in central bank of india you will get 11 digit unique number this is your cif number.

This number use for managing your account details, also this cif used to multiple accounts in central bank like saving account, fixed deposit account, loan account, demat account, and other scheme.

If you’re cbi account holder then you should have to know cif number of cbi for get benifits of online service.

What is CBI central bank of india cif number ?

CIF full form is customer identification file which is assigned by the central bank of india. [ CIF number Available at the bank where the account is opened ]

CIF number is a 11 digit unique number to get allow to you access bank account details and bank representative verified your identity through cif number.

When the cif number required ?

1. CIF number required for internet banking or login your bank account in mobile device.

2. Another use the transfer your bank branch to another branch.

3. For Order Debit card or credit card.

How to get cif number of central bank of india ?

How to get cif number of central bank of india 2021

First we know how to get CBI cif number in offline methods.

When you open account in central bank this bank give you following item.

  • Central bank of india passbook
  • Annual/Monthly account statement
  • Cheque book front page
  • Visiting nearest bank branch
  • Customer care support (1800 22 1911)

This is a offline method to get cif number is central bank.

Now we understand how to get CBI cif number in online methods.

When you login your account with username and password you can see your cif number beside of your name.

Another option is Cent mPassbook Mobile App to get CIF number of central bank of India.

For using mPassbook mobile app follow the steps to get your CIF.

  • First of all you need to download mPassbook mobile app on your mobile device.
  • Then login use account with username and passbook.
  • Once you login successfully click on user profile option in menu.
  • You will displayed your CIF number on screen.

Frequently asked questions

CIF number and account number are same ?

No, CIF number and account number is not same.
CIF number means customer identification file number and IFSC means Indian financial system code which is totally different.

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