How to get CIF number SBI bank without passbook ?

By | January 16, 2023

CIF number SBI is used for online SBI Netbanking. CIF is the most important thing in online banking. CIF full form in bank is Customer Information File that means cif is the file that storage the personal and professional details of the bank account holder.

Every bank give a different CIF number for their customers when he opened the new account in bank.

SBI is the India’s largest bank in public sector. SBI full form is State Bank of India.

Now a days SBI is the largest bank in india which is have 24,000 physical branches in all over india Also SBI Business expand in 190 Branches in other countries.

In this article, we know more about the What is CIF number also learn How to get CIF number SBI bank without passbook ?

Also we know about What is the meaning of cif number ?

To get CIF number in SBI Bank through SMS, Net banking and Yono Application.

Important Note : Don’t trust anyone who says I give you sbi cif number list.Ignore them who says to you, I am giving cif number of cbi, SBI or any bank.

How to get CIF number SBI bank without passbook 2021

What is CIF number in banking ?

CIF full form use in banking sector is Customer Information File. CIF is the 11 Numerical number which is generated by Bank when you open a new bank account.

When any person open a bank account in any bank that time bank give you a CIF number to you.

CIF number storage the personal information like below.

  • Personal Information – Name, Gender, Marriage status, Date of birth, Age, Nomination details, Mobile or telephone number
  • Address proof (Communication and Permanent)
  • Bank Account number
  • PAN Card ( For active loans and your ITR )
  • Netbanking Access

CIF is 11 Numerical character which is fully secure for customer.

How to get CIF number SBI bank without passbook ?

The main thing you notice that when you open in account any bank that time we get the application number.

This application number is our CIF number.

That means you have to received CIF number to before you getting passbook.

Thats reason you can get your CIF number SBI bank without passbook.

You can get the CIF using the following method.

Get SBI CIF number using NetBanking

  1. You have to Browse state bank of india official website.
  2. Login your account with username and password.
  3. After login your account, Click on My profile and tab option.
  4. Then open your account summary.
  5. After click the option Pan & Nomination details.
  6. Select the nomination and pan details.

The page redirect on CIF Number display.

Alternative Get SBI CIF number using NetBanking

  1. You have to visit state bank of india homepage.
  2. Login your bank account with using the username and password.
  3. Then you have to go account statement.
  4. Choose the two dates for view statement.
  5. Select view and Click on Go option.
  6. Now your account summary report is opening.
  7. The page contains your account Name, address, CIF and IFSC number.

Find number using Yono Application

If you are SBI Bank Account holder then I recommend to you active your account on Yono Banking app.

You can get state bank of india CIF number without passbook.

  1. First you have to download Yono Application.
  2. Then click on the option Services.
  3. After click on the option Online Nomination.
  4. Now select the Type of account to Transaction Account.
  5. Select account and account number then you show the CIF number on your mobile phone.

Find number using Cheque Book

This way you can easily find out your CIF no. in SBI Bank.

But this technique use only cheque book holder.

In you have cheque book then open cheque book first page.

Customer Information File means CIF show you that page.

Find out CIF number SBI to visiting bank Branch

This is simply and last way to know your cif number in sbi bank branch.

You can enquiry about customer information file number.then the representative of SBI Bank ask you some questions and verifying your identity.

Then tell you what is your CIF number?

Get CIF number using your Bank’s Customer Care Service

If you have not enough time to visit your SBI home Branch.

One way is help to you getting your CIF number.

Some telephone number provided bank to solve your can call this toll-free number and tell them your problem.

The customer care representative asked your some basic information and verify your identity.

Once representative verified your identity then send CIF number to mail and mobile number.

  1. 1800 425 3800
  2. 1800 11 2211
  3. 0802 659 9990

This is a toll free number of SBI Customer Care Support.

Frequently asked questions

CIF Number is important ?

Yes this is a very important unique number.
This number to help you and bank identify your valuable data.

How can use net banking in SBI ?

First of you have to visit your home branch.
Provide your account details and some documents then the bank representative activate your net banking facility.

How to get sbi cif number through sms ?

No, it is no any official way to retrieve your cif number.
Bank did not mention cif number in atm card.

What is CIF ID full form in bank ?

CIF full form is Customer Information File.

What is CIF benefits ?

CIF made easy banking process.
No need to remember bank account number for login.

How much digit in SBI Bank account number and how to know sbi account number ?

SBI account number digit is 11 numerical character.
You can search your account number on SBI passbook.

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