How to invest in gold in india ?

Friends, can gold be a good asset for an investment? And if it is yes, then we need to be aware of it.

How to invest in gold in india?
How to invest in gold in india?

Let’s take an example and you will realize how much return you can get by investing in gold.

Suppose I bought 24K gold 10gm for Rs 4,400 in 2000 year and sold 50,960 at current gold rate of the same 24K gold 10 gm in 2020.

In this Rs. 4400 investment, I got a profit of Rs. 45600 in 21 years.Nearly I got 11.37% profit on Ruppes on 4400.

By this example we see that the value of your money is increasing rapidly in gold just like in the stock market.

No bank can give you such a profit.
This means that you can definitely choose gold as an investment.

Let’s make it clear, buying gold is a good investment.But the question is, should gold be bought in physical Gold form or digitally Gold?

Confused☺️, Let’s we can solve this problem.

We will look at both advantages and disadvantages.Then you can make a Right decision.

Gold in physical form

If there are more gold lovers in the world, it is only in India.Almost all the people here give a special importance to gold.
But buying gold in India is not a matter of investment but of prestige and luxury.

Whatever the case, gold is highly valued.
There are some restrictions when investing in physical gold.It is not possible to buy gold with as much money as you have.

Suppose you are a student and we have only 100 rupees which you decided to invest.

So it is difficult for you to invest in physical Gold form.

  • The first problem when buying gold in physical form is that you have to buy at least 1 gram.
  • And then you also have to pay the wages taken from those shopkeepers.
  • Similarly, the gold you take is a risk to keep in a safe place.
  • Even with so much risk, you can’t decide whether the gold you buy is 100% pure.
  • Again, if the gold is taken out for sale in the market, some of the profit goes to the shopkeeper.

Gold investment in digital form

The twentieth century is now called the digital World.

Most of our activities such as business, banking and shopping are some of the other things is goes online.

In the concept of digital, now our currency has also become digital currency.I have written a separate article on this.

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That is why it would be wise to digitize investments in view of future changes in the world.

There are several benefits to investing in gold digitally.

They are presented as follows by sagacrush.

  • First of all, the quality of the gold we are going to buy (invest) will be 99.99% pure with 24K gold.
  • You can start with as little as Rs 100 to buy this gold.
  • Nor is it our responsibility to keep the gold we buy safe.
  • Similarly, when you sell gold, you get paid at the current market price.

One thing you may have noticed is that when the stock market collapses, gold prices rise.This is the subject of an investor’s mindset.

Similarly, the demand for gold will continue to increase yesterday, today and tomorrow.

So many investors also prefer to invest in gold-silver.

How to invest gold in India online?

There are many platforms available in India for investing in gold.Below are some well-known companies where you can buy gold.

Gold Banking Facility

All the banks sell gold.Below I have listed some of the banks.Through this bank you can buy digital gold with complete security.

SBI Gold Banking
Union Bank
Paytm Payment Bank
Bajaj Finance
Buy Gold from top Banks In india

Visit the bank’s official website for more information to digital gold.

Top Stock Brokers In India

Every stock broker gives you a safe platform to take gold digitally.

Today I am going to tell you about the platform of one of the largest stock brokers in India.Who made you a great platform to buy and sell gold.

  1. Zerodha – Is a stock broker with the largest active clients in India.We can buy and sell gold on a platform called Zerodha Coin.And the feature is that there is no charge for using Zerodha Coin.
  2. Upstock – A reputable stock broker in the stock market.The fastest growing stock broker after Zerodha in India.You can invest gold platform on Digital Gold Upstock.
  3. Angel Broking – They are the oldest full stock brokers in Asia.You can buy and sell gold for free on its trading platform.

Or including stock brokers Reliance securities, axis direct, kotak securities, IIFC securities, 5 Paisa ,Groww provides a platform for buying and selling gold.

Take Digital Gold for Security , Purity, transperent and convenience.

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