How to make money through trade domain ?

By | January 16, 2023

In this post we saw some ways to make money online. people often asked me we can make money by selling domains ?

This is the answer I will definitely say yes. you can get the money by selling domains. In today’s article we will learn how to trade domain.

What is domain name ?

trade domain

First of all, let’s find out what is a domain.

A domain name is an identity that guarantees an area of ​​administrative autonomy, authority, or control all over the Internet.

Domain is an virtual web address on the Internet.

What is the need for domain?

When searching for information on the Internet you have to go to a specific address.This address is in the form of internet protocol (IP).

There are 366 million websites in the world. It is not easy to remember every IP address at such a time.

Then he needs a domain as an alternative.With the help of this we can easily remember any website.

366.8 million domain are registered in the world’s.

Today’s World is connected to the Internet.That is, no work is complete without the Internet.

So be it a school lecture or shopping. 😊

Many large IT companies also work 100% on the Internet.

There will be more progress in the internet day by day.It is predicted that some industries will close down and be replaced by the Internet.

We can participate and work by seeing the demand for future domains.

Domain types of website

There are generally 5 types of domains.In which everyone is bought or sold considering their use in different places.

trade domain
Types of domain – trade domain

Domains types are following

  1. infrastructure top-level domain (ARPA)
  2. generic top-level domains (gTLD)
  3. generic-restricted top-level domains (grTLD)
  4. sponsored top-level domains (sTLD)
  5. country code top-level domains (ccTLD)
  6. test top-level domains (tTLD)

How to buy a domain ?

There are many companies available in the market to offers buy domains in offerdable price.

Godaddy – It is an American company started in 1997.As of June 2020, the company has 20 million customers.On top of this we can do both buying and selling domains.

Allows you to purchase a domain at a very cheap price.In addition we can also take hosting.

Bigrock – BigRock is an India-based provider of domain registration, web-hosting, business-class email, website building, and digital certificate services for small businesses and individuals.BigRock was founded in 06/2010.

Bluehost – The company was founded in 2003 and is now known as the largest web hosting company in the world.

On this we can buy and sell domains.In addition we can also take hosting.

Milesweb – It is a hosting company in India.Known for its customer convenience and affordable web hosting plans.

On this we can buy both domain and hosting.

How to selling a domain name to a company?

You have to decide the price of the domain name before selling it.

We can calculate this price on Domain Name Value and Appraisal.

The price of a domain name depends on a few things.

  • Is the domain easy to remember?
  • Is the domain name famous?
  • And most importantly extensions.

Now the question is how to sell the domain?

There are many platforms for selling domains.But today I will tell you some famous platforms.

Sedo is the best marketplace for selling your domain and also a great place to flip your domain. If you have a domain name you need to sell, you just need to list them on Sedo and set a ‘Buy Now’ price or set a base price that buyers will negotiate.

When you ask about the best platform for domain sales, Flippa comes up on that list. Flippa allows you to list your domain and set a default price that will be negotiable. However, you can also add details about your domain name and what value is added to the domain name.

Godaddy Auction

The GoDaddy auction is a top place where you can buy cheap rate and sell your domain names for a premium price.

Unlike Sedo and Flippa, Godaddy auctions are limited to domain sales only. You can either set a price for your domain that someone will give and buy.

Or you can set a base price for your domain name and put it up for auction.

Great thing about Bido is that it was first launched in 2008 so it is old as well as reputed.

Therefore, domain buyers come to the platform to get some great domain names and you can take advantage of that fact.

NameCheap Domain Auction

Namechep Domain Auctions is a platform similar to GoDaddy Auctions in that they are both domain registrars and allow you to sell your domain names on their platform.

The NameChep Domain Auction also tells you what the estimated price of a domain name should be if you are not sure about it. Therefore, you can set a good price for your domain by trying.

Frequently asked questions

How to know my domain name is valuable or not ?

you can check your domain name value by using online domain auction tools.

Domain selling is a legal way to Make Money ?

Definently because domain is a individual property and Its owner can decide.
Now a days it’s a popular business.

which of the following domains is used by for profit businesses ?

Generally every company use the .com extension domain because com means commercial.

Disclaimer – We do not advertising or promoting any hosting company.

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