Kristina Tesic information in english

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Kristina Tesic Information In English – kristina tesic is known as famous american actress, also known the wife of david berry. david berry is australian actor started his career as a actor in 2012. david berry and kristina tesic get married in 2012, He has a son named Alexander. In this article we will know kristina tesic information in english.

Kristina Tesic information in english

kristina tesic information in english
NameKristina Tesic
Known as American actress
Born 15 June 1982
Nationality American
Profession Actress
Religions Christian

Kristina born in United States on dated 15 June 1982. He is belong to Christian family. She is an animal lover from childhood. She had completed her primary education at the local private school in Canada and graduated from the local private university Canada. Kristina was a bright student during her school and college days.

kristina tesic started his career as a actress, playing a role of florance in the movie turbines in 2019. This is horror-thriller feature film about a perceived threat from wind turbines in the Outback.

kristina tesic movies list information

Kristina playing a role of florance in the movie turbines in 2019. The movie is directed by Shane Borza and Igor Breakenback. Turbines 2019 movie release on 18 October 2019 in Australia.

Turbines 2019 Storyline

When immigrants Attila and Jana resettle in a rural Australian town as part of a government policy to populate isolated areas, they consider themselves lucky.

Although they must work on a wind farm in the middle of nowhere, they have each other, and soon, a family.

Problems with narrow minded locals, the isolation, backbreaking labor and immigration officials are the least of their worries when bad things begin to happen to the animals and people in town.

As the situation escalates, and fear begins to motivate them, Attila and Jana begin to wonder, are the Turbines only onlookers or guilty of the unthinkable?

kristina tesic personal life

NameKristina Tesic
Birthday 15 June 1982
Gender Female
Height5.5 Feet
Education Graduated from Canada
Husband David berry (2012)

kristina tesic is david berry wife, married in 2012, he has a son named Alexander. kristina tesic age is 40 on dated 11 July 2022. david berry age is 38 on dated 11 July 2022. David is teeny compared to kristina.

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David berry and kristina tesic make money from acting profession. Kristina estimated earning is 250K $ per annually. David estimated earning is 100K to 1M $ per annually.


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Frequently asked questions (faq)

Kristina Tesic age

Kristina Tesic age 40 on dated 11 June 2022.

Kristina and David Berry child name

Alexander is the son of Kristina and David Berry, born in 2016.

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