Share Market No.1 Opportunity To Build Money – Part 1

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The stock market is full of people who know the value of everything, but value nothing.

Philip Fisher

Share market is a stream that never ends and will never end.If you want to live as a millionaire in the future, there is a way for you to make your dream come true.The stock market concord learn in this series.

Share Market No.1 Opportunity To Build Money
Share Market No.1 Opportunity To Build Money

Yes, but it will take a lot of hard work to build this empire.

Ordinary people can do this.But if you are going to get into it, you need to be strong.

That money should be able to be sustained even if it comes.And even if it is gone, it should be sustained by itself.

So let’s see what the stock market is and how it works?

Stock Market Basics

India has a total population of 136 crore, yet there are only 51 million active in share market (demat accounts).What should be the reason for this? We are far behind other countries in taking risks. This is because people is not viewed as a business.It is not properly understood.

The stock market is a business.Which has the power to make a king and a beggar in one night.

Tells in simple language without being too complicated.In this article, how can we make money in the stock market?Of course you will learn the basics about the stock market.

We also call the share market the stock market.

Types Of Business Entities

Sole proprietorship

Share Market In india

A stand-alone business.For example, we can buy a grocery store, the profit and loss of which goes to one owner.


In this case, if the business makes a profit and a loss, it is divided into two owners. This means that in this type of business, there are two legal owners.

Limited Liability Partnership

It has to have at least 2 directors and there is no limit for maximum.Sometimes a foreign investor can take it.

Private Limited Company

It consists mainly of a certain number of directors.This type of company is highly preferred to invest in SHARE MARKET.

Public Limited Company

In this case, the right of ownership can also belong to the common man in which the common man can also buy shares.In this too, investors prefer to invest.


Share Market Type Of Market

Primary Market

In this case, the price of Share is lot is 10 to 15 thousand. In this, Share is given to real people by the company.

Secondary Market

In this case the list is fixed. The exchange of shares is given from people to people.It has nothing to do with the company.Companies in the secondary market register on the stock exchange.

There are 21 Stock Exchange in India.The 2 most prominent and well known are.

This stock exchange is controlled by SEBI ( SEQUIRITY AND EXCHANGE BOARD OF INDIA ).

It was established on 30 January 1992 in Mumbai.

NSE : National Stock Exchange

It was established in 1992.The NSE has more than 2000 registered companies in total.

The most traded stock in the Indian stock market is the trading Nifty.It consists mainly of 50 companies with large capital. The list of these companies is given in the table below.I have also given its share in Nifty 50.In this we can trade in two ways

Stocks in Nifty 50
1.Adaniports26.Indian oil corporation
2.Asian paint27.Itc
3.Axis Bank 28.Jsw steel
4.Bajaj auto29.kotak mahindra bank
5.Bajaj finance30.L&T
6.Bajaj finserv31.Mahindra & mahindra
7.Bharti airtel32.Maruti Suzuki
8.Bharat petroleum33.Nestle india
11.Coal india36.Power grid
12.Divi’s lab37.Reliance
13.Dr reddy lab38.SBI
14.Eicher motors39.SBI life insurance company
15.Grasim40.Shree cement
16.HCl41.Sun pharma
17.Hdfc42.Tata motors
18.Hdfc bank43.Tata steel
19.Hdfc life44.TCS
20.Hero motorcorp45.Tata consumer product
21.Hindalco industry46.Tech mahindra
22.Hindustan Unilever47.Titan company
23.Icici bank48.Ultra tech cement
24.Indusind bank49.UPL
Nifty 50 India Fifty Stocks

Top constituents by weightage

HDFC Bank10.24%
Reliance Industries 10.19%
Housing Development Finance Corp7.08%
ICICI Bank6.34%
Tata Consultancy Services Limited5.18%
Kotak Mahindra Bank Limited4.05%
Hindustan Unilever3.42%
ITC Limited3.01%
Bank Limited2.76%
Top constituents by weightage

BSE : Bombay Stock Exchange

It is known as the first STOCK EXCHANGE in Asia.It started in 1857.It has more than 5000 registered companies.

It is known as the oldest STOCK EXCHANGE in Asia.

It can only be traded in equity, as it does not yet have a derivative market, but the BSE will soon offer futures and options. It consists mainly of 30 large capitalized companies.

The list I am giving below.

Asian paint
Axis Bank
Bajaj auto
Bajaj finance
Bajaj finserv
Bharti airtel
Dr reddy
Hdfc bank
Hindustan Unilever
Icici bank
Indusind bank
Kotak mahindra bank
Mahindra & mahindra
Maruti Suzuki
Nestle India
State bank of india
Tech mahindra
Ultra tech cement
30 large capitalized companies

The Nifty’s sectoral indices are as follows.

Nifty Bank
Nifty IT
Nifty PSU Bank
Nifty FMGC
Nifty Finance Service
Nifty Metal
Nifty Private Bank
Nifty’s sectoral indices
Important : Nifty 50 & BSE is the Major stock exchange in india.
NYSE, NASDAQ, TYO, BMV ( Stock market in Spanish) is the major stock exchange in USA.

Demat Account

The SHARE you purchased is stored electronically.


It is controlled by CDSL and NSDL.

Share Market Broker

SEBI is there to control the market.But SEBI is not able to manage all the transactions.SEBI REGISTERD BROKER is appointed as an alternative to make it easier and more convenient for the general public to exchange Share.


Even though it is not Sebi Registered, it looks after the work of SEBI REGISTER BROKER and also provides guidance. All transactions are done through it.

Types Of Broker

Full Discount Broker

This broker provides all kinds of help as well as guidance services.Therefore, its brokerage also has to pay more.

For example, ANGEL BROKING suggests which stocks you should buy. Also, if you want to buy any stock, you can do so by calling as well as online. Overall, this broker helps you in all ways.

Discount Broker

Since this broker does not provide facilities like full service broker, their brokerage is less, such as Zerodha and Upstock.

This broker gives you only one platform for trading and you have to do everything else.

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