What is Credit card encryption?

We know about credit card, credit card is a offered to allow spend money using the credit card, also grow your cibil score or down your cibil score.10 things to know before getting a credit card this article may help you to before getting credit card.

Some times you lost credit card or stolen then you may face the financial loss.

Therefore you should know about credit card encryption and benefits.

In this article we know about What is Credit card encryption?

What is Credit Card Encryption?

What is Credit card encryption?
What is Credit card encryption?

Credit card encryption is a service to give bank for their customers, using the service you can decrease the possibility of credit card and debit card stolen and facing problem after loss your credit & debit card information.

Credit card encryption service including important information such as security of card, security of transmission of card between the terminal and backend computer system.

Another benefit of encryption is to make harder than harder to access credit card info without the encryption key.

Magnetic strips, pin number, CVV for online transaction this method to use card issuers.

How to work credit card encryption?

When you purchase through credit card , the card information is scrambled by its algorithm.encryption doesn’t allow to access your credit card information.

Therefore financial institution and merchant make transaction with security.

merchant encrypted self information with the credit card encryption, the information is not access easily someone.This system makes it secured your transaction.

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