Will money ever rule the world ?

By | January 6, 2023

A lot of people spend the money they get from them..they buy things they don’t want..to impress people they don’t like..

I was really looking for the answer to the above question. And I thought the answer was yes Money has begun to rule the world.

People used to say that man does not live on money. But now it has to be said that if there is money, then there is man. At first people struggled to survive but now they are lost.

Money Ever Rule The World?

In this article, we will look at the relationship between money and happiness.

The beginning of currency

It is universally accepted and people believe in it. Currency is used in society on the basis of support of law and trust of the people. Universality is the main virtue of currency.

The words currency and money are often used interchangeably. But the concept of money is much broader.

Coins and paper notes can be called currency. Since a bank check is not universally accepted, it cannot be called a currency. But the concept of money includes both currency and bank-generated credit.

Understanding currency History

As man progressed, so did his needs. It became impossible for a person to create all the things he needed to meet his various needs alone.

So man began to depend on others to meet his needs. He started trying to get all the other things he wanted in exchange for the things he was creating.

As a result barter system came into existence. But there were many difficulties with this method.

If there is a lack of double coincidence, i.e. if one of the two is not ready to exchange goods, the barter will not actually take place.

The barter system was hampered by difficulties in stockpiling commodities, the need to fix exchange rates among innumerable commodities, and the inconvenience of dividing valuables when buying light goods.

In order to avoid these problems and facilitate exchange, the search for a single commodity as a medium of exchange became orderly.

When humans choose a commodity as a medium of exchange, it must be said that currency came into existence.

It seems that man has chosen such items as currency according to the conditions of the country. In the hunting season, animal skins began to be used as currency.

After this stage, when man started keeping cattle, cows, oxen, goats and sheep were used as currency.

When the agricultural era began, grain was used as currency.

People living on the coast used conch shells, mussels, crocodile teeth, dried fish as currency. In colder regions, tribals used wool for exchange.

People in Ethiopia use salt stones as money. People on the Pacific Islands are found to be using a variety of goods, from huge stones weighing twenty-five lions to bird feathers.

The Old Testament mentions that Abraham brought great wealth in the form of cattle, gold and silver when he came from Egypt.

People in Ceylon have been using elephants as currency for some time.

In many countries of the African continent, kavadi or kavadi garlands were used for currency.

It was inconvenient to use perishable items like fruits, eggs etc. as currency and it was difficult and costly to store the animals.

In order to avoid many such problems, metals started to be used as currency due to their value, indestructibility, divisibility, ease of transportation etc.

This use of metals seems to have been going on since time immemorial.

In many countries, pieces of metals such as gold, silver, and copper were initially used as currency. Each time the pieces of metal had to be weighed and tested to see if the gold and silver were pure.

Gradually coins of a certain weight and purity came into circulation. Smaller coins made it easier to make small transactions. The coin gained legal recognition due to the government seal.

Generally, from the fourteenth century to the beginning of the nineteenth century, both gold and silver coins were used as the main currency in Europe.

The exchange rate between the two coins was fixed by law. Since the exchange rate depends on the supply of metals, if the supply of a metal decreases, a problem arises.

Naturally, most of the countries in Europe adopted a monolithic system.

The arrangement made for the creation of the currency and control over the value of the currency is called the currency standard. The domestic value of a currency is its purchasing power.

The value is inversely proportional to the value.If commodity prices go up, the purchasing power of the currency goes down.

Conversely, when goods become cheaper, the intrinsic value of the currency increases. So far we have seen the origin of the currency.

Money vs humanity

What is the significance of money today ? Needless to say. Because everyone knows about it.

Man has given a very high place to money by going on a diet of changing life, lifestyle, and comforts.

There is nothing wrong with using money to meet your basic needs.People all over the world are looking for money.

It is my opinion that poor people live poor because of their thinking. But sometimes our situation is bad. But it is necessary to clear the way.

From birth to death, a person is obsessed with money.

Basic need of human is following

  • Food – Food is the first basic human need. Everyone is struggling to find food. Since the advent of agriculture in the past, the need for food has been on the rise.

Water is a basic need for humans or other living things. This is important because water contains molecules of hydrogen and oxygen and most of our body is made up of water or liquids.

  • Clothing : In fact, clothing from time to time is not a basic human need, as the body of a human or a mammal is already covered with hair.
  • So, but the conversion has reduced the hair and we refer to the basic needs of clothing.

But now if someone walks around without clothes, people call him crazy or mental illness.😉

  • Shelter (Home) : Shelter is to keep us safe and protected, to avoid any natural or artificial problems. Shelter is also needed to rest our belongings.

This is also a basic human need. Although these three are the main needs, these needs are met only by money.

So money is the fourth basic need.

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